This years primary election will be done entirely through the mail. Be sure that you are registered in this important election for Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney. Registering to vote is fast, easy, and can be done online.

To receive a ballot for the Primary Election:


you must register by July 9, 2020

2020 Election Hawaii mail in ballot

You can find an answers to common questions about registering to vote here.

The 2020 Honolulu prosecutors race and election is quickly approaching, and election officials want to make sure the transition to mail-in voting is a smooth one.

The Office of Elections will be sending out over 658,000 voting mailers to active, registered voters in Hawaii. The purpose of the mailers is to confirm mailing addresses and to raise awareness about the transition.

If you do not receive your voter registration postcard in the mail (most arrived May 16, 2020), you should contact the county’s elections division. 

The Office of Elections says more than 14 percent of registered voters have outdated addresses. This election is far too important for your vote not to count. 

Voters will receive their first mail-in ballot (mid-July), 18 days before the 2020 primary election. 

Click here to check your voter registration status.

And of course, vote for real justice, real change, and real reform. Let's help elect Jacquie Esser as Honolulu's the next Prosecuting Attorney for the City and County of Honolulu. 



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