ISSUES: Honolulu Prosecutor Election

There can be no justice when we utilize jails and prisons as our only solutions to our problems.  We think we are making people safer but we are just making more criminals and wasting taxpayers' money.  The next Prosecutor for Honolulu, must realign our priorities to focus on serious crimes while at the same time providing treatment to people whose crimes stem from homelessness, mental illness, and addiction. I have the experience and insight needed to transform the Office of the Honolulu Prosecutor. I have worked in every division of criminal law at the Public Defenders Office - appellate advocacy, juvenile advocacy, civil commitment advocacy, treatment courts, and misdemeanor and felony jury trials.  I have represented over 1,000 clients and handled the most serious criminal charges from robbery, sexual assaults, and murder. I have witnessed first hand how our criminal justice system is failing to keep our community safe and have real plans on how to fix it. We must change the direction of how the Honolulu Prosecutor's Office has been run for the last four decades because it failing to make our community safer or stronger. Please read more about the list of issues I seek to address. Please vote Jacquie Esser, Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate, in the 2020 Honolulu Prosecutor Race on Aug 8, 2020.  
Focus Resources on Serious & Violent Felonies

The next Honolulu Prosecutor must focus the Office's resources to ensure serious and violent crimes are prosecuted effectively. Far too often serious and violent felonies fall through the cracks because of how limited the offices resources are and prosecuting attorneys being stretch too thin on charges that could be managed through alternative diversion programs. We must prioritize resource to focus on individuals deemed too unsafe for the public. Click on this link to learn about this important Honolulu prosecutor election issue. 

Promote Transparency & Demand Accountability

The Honolulu Prosecutor's role is to serve the people of Oʻahu. Therefore, the public has the right to hold the Prosecutor's Office accountable.

Jacquie will fight to introduce the Prosecutorial Transparency Act that requires all prosecutors to make their policies publicly available and gather and report data. Read more about this Honolulu prosecutor election cornerstone issue. 

Restore Communities & Make Oʻahu Safer

Putting more people in prison has not made our island any safer. Instead, incarceration exacerbates homelessness, drug use, and destroys families.

To effectively reduce crime, people must have the resources to meet their basic needs. They must have the opportunities to work hard and feel supported, not saddled with additional and unnecessary burdens. Click the header link to read more about this important Honolulu prosecutor election issue. 

Give Victims a Voice

Justice needs to include all of us.

Too often, victim and survivor voices are not heard in the sterile courtroom environment. All too frequently, their needs are not addressed and they return to an unsafe space.

As Honolulu Prosecutor, Jacquie will work with victim advocates and experts to develop appropriate, trauma-informed support networks for survivors and their families. Click the link header to read more about this Hawaii prosecutor election item. 

Demand Equal Enforcement of the Law

No one is above the law. No one! Jacquie will work to ensure people in power who break the law are held accountable. Its time to restore trust and integrity to the Office of the Honolulu Prosecutor. Learn more about our Honolulu prosecutor election issues we are ready to fight for if elected. 

Make Services the Priority

Jacquie will build bridges with community organizations that have a proven record of success in providing comprehensive services. She will use these connections to support motivated individuals who have been arrested to succeed in lieu of prosecution. Read more about our policy issues for the Honolulu prosecutor election. 

Expand Diversion Courts

When services are insufficient to meet public health and safety needs, specialty Courts, such as the Mental Health Court, Drug Court, and Veterans Court will be utilized. Specialty Courts cost less than incarceration and reduce the likelihood that someone will re-offend, which makes our communities safer. Click the header link to learn more about this important Honolulu prosecutor election issue. 

End Cash Bail

There is no proven tie between money and public safety. Cash bail allows dangerous people to buy their way out of jail, while poor nonviolent people languish in jail.

Hawaiʻi currently spends over $209,000 per day to house pretrial detainees; individuals who have not been convicted of the crime for which they have been charged. Our resources need to be spent more wisely.

In the Honolulu prosecutor election, this is my number one goal. 

End the Overrepresentation of Native Hawaiians in the Criminal Justice System

Native Hawaiians make up 18% of the adult population, but nearly 40% of the prison population, and they are overrepresented at every stage of the criminal justice system.  Jacquie will work with Native Hawaiian leaders and organizations to end the disparate treatment of Native Hawaiians int he Criminal justice system and implement office-wide unconscious bias training for lawyers and staff.  

Increase Mental Health Treatment

We must stop using our jail as an ineffective and inhumane mental health facility.

As Oahu's Prosecutor, Jacquie will play a critical role in ensuring that those who suffer from mental illness or substance abuse disorders receive the treatment they deserve so that our island becomes a more safe and humane place for everyone. Read more about this incredibly important Honolulu prosecutor election issue. 

Support Reform Legislation

Legislation is often introduced to criminalize behavior that previously would not have led to incarceration.

Jacquie does not support the expansion of the criminal code. Instead, she believes laws should be passed to expand programs that address the roots of criminality and treat addiction as a public health crisis.

These are my top campaign issues I seek to address should I be elected to serve our community at the Honolulu Prosecutor. Like other States whom elect their prosecutor or district attorneys, this position is of extreme importance to the life and wellbeing of our community. Are there other issues you would like me to address in the City and County of Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney's Office? Connect with me through the website or message me on social media.


Jacquie Esser, Candidate



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