Endorsements... Go Jacquie!

Feel the Bern

For the last decade, Jacquie Esser has represented 1,000+ clients and worked to reform the criminal justice system as a Deputy Public Defender, demanding fair treatment and justice for Honolulu citizens of all backgrounds. - Bernie Sanders

Kahu Patterson

I am truly honored to receive the endorsement of Kahu Dr. Kaleo Patterson. Kahu has dedicated his life to creating a culture of peace & nonviolence. I look forward to working with him as Honolulu Prosecutor to focus on healing the harm caused by crime through implementing restorative justice practices, rehabilitation and reconciliation. - Kahu Keleo Patterson


Supreme Court Justice

Jacquie Esser has spent her entire legal career in criminal justice.  She is seasoned, experienced, and a natural leader.  In my opinion, she is the only candidate dedicated to real and comprehensive criminal justice reform.  She has my enthusiastic endorsement. - Justice Steve Levinson

Pono Hawai'i

We are undeniably at a pivotal point where action to slow and reverse these conditions is a moral obligation. Our government institutions and business community are moving at a glacial pace to address the critical issues affecting Hawaiʻi. Or, they are moving us in the wrong direction. It is with this urgency in mind that we are pleased and proud to endorse your candidacy for Honolulu Prosecutor. - Pono Hawai'i

Ken Lawson

Jacquie Esser is the only candidate for Honolulu Prosecutor who is committed to putting an end to police violence and real criminal justice reform. Jacquie has shown throughout her legal career as a Public Defender and through her bold transparent policies as a candidate that she will not tolerate abuse of power. Jacquie is a real leader for Honolulu that will bring everyone to the table so we can take measures to root out police violence, corruption and systemic racism. I am endorsing Jacquie Esser for Honolulu Prosecutor because I believe she is the only candidate committed to real criminal justice reform. - Ken Lawson 

Pono Hawai'i

The Oʻahu Chapter of Our Revolution Hawaiʻi proudly endorses Jacquie Esser for Honolulu Prosecutor. Jacquie is the only candidate in the race who has marched shoulder to shoulder with Black Lives Matter. She is only candidate to stand with protectors on Mauna Kea. She truly and genuinely cares about the racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system and the only candidate seeking real change to the Prosecutor's Office. Other candidates speak narrowly about restoring “trust and transparency.” Jacquie seeks to wholly transform the office to not only restore “trust and transparency,” but to work diligently to strike at the root causes of criminality, homelessness, and substance abuse. She understands and supports the notion of “defunding the police.” Our Revolution Hawaii



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