I am a Public Defender running to transform our system

As a public defender, I have worked in every division of the office - appellate advocacy, juvenile advocacy, civil commitment advocacy, treatment courts, and misdemeanor and felony jury trials.  I have represented over 1,000 clients and handled the most serious criminal charges from robbery, sexual assaults, and murder. As Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate, I will fight for equal justice for all. 

My name is Jacquie Esser and I'm running to be Honolulu's next Prosecutor. 

Our criminal justice system in Honolulu needs to be reformed because it is wasting money, it is wasting lives, it has broken the trust of our community and I am committed to changing that. Let's bring change and new ideas to the Honolulu prosecutor's office. I am Jacquie Esser, Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate, and I humbly ask for your support in this year's incredibly important race for our new prosecuting attorney. Join her Honolulu Prosecutor Election team today and be part of the movement, 

Focus Resources on Serious & Violent Felonies

Efficiently use the limited resources of the Office to focus on serious and violent crimes.

Address Overrepresentation of Native Hawaiians in Prison System

Implement unconscious bias training and expand culturally relevant in-prison and reentry programs

Give Victims a Voice

Develop appropriate, trauma-informed support network for survivors and their families. 

Promote Transparency & Demand Accountability

The public has the right to hold the Prosecutor's Office accountable.

Smart Justice

Advocate for alternatives that are fair, more effective, and less costly than mass incarceration 

End Cash Bail

Cash bail allows dangerous people to buy their way out of jail, while poor non-violent people languish in jail

Increase Mental Health Treatment

Stop using our jail as an ineffective and inhumane mental health facility 

Expand Diversion Courts

Make diversion the norm and better utilize our treatment courts

Focus Resources on Serious & Violent Felonies

Focus Resources on Serious & Violent Felonies

We can transform our criminal justice system.

We can give crime victims a voice.

We can heal the harm crime causes.

We can end the chronic overrepresentation of Native Hawaiians in our criminal justice system.

We can restore trust in the Office of the Honolulu Prosecutor.

We need Jacquie Esser, Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate. 

I have spent my entire career trying to transform a punitive system into one that recognizes that people are more than their worst acts.

I am the only candidate who has spent their career fighting to get treatment for our mentally ill and those with substance abuse disorders.

I am the only candidate for Honolulu Prosecutor who has spent their career fighting to end the injustice of our cash bail system.

We need to start electing new leaders to the Honolulu Prosecutor's Office.

It is my life journey.  Join me!

Vote Jacquie Esser for Honolulu Prosecutor on August 8, 2020. 

Jacquie Esser will fight for equal justice. Lets support our Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate 

Join our Honolulu Prosecutor Election team!


As Honolulu Prosecutor I will End the Disparate Treatment of Native Hawaiians in the Criminal Justice System

A conversation with Dr. Kahu Kaleo Patterson on how we can cultivate a culture of rehabilitation and tradition in Hawai'i Prisons. Such an important interview with Jacquie Esser Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate

Jacquie Unfiltered: The real, the raw. Meet her family and the lighter side of her in this candid and fun interview.  

Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate Jacquie Esser unfiltered with her family. Get to know Jacquie and her family in a fun candid conversation.

As Honolulu Prosecutor I Will Treat Mental Illness as an Illness and Stop Using our Jail as a Mental Health Hospital

A conversation with Alissa Gino, LMHC, CSAC about how as Honolulu Prosecutor Jacquie Esser will treat mental illness as an illness and stop using our jail as a defacto mental health facility. Join her Honolulu prosecutor election campaign.

As Honolulu Prosecutor I will 

End the Use of Money Bail to Increase Public Safety

A conversation with Federal Public Defender Minda Yamaga about our money bail system and how Jacquie Esser will end the use of money bail as Honolulu Prosecutor.  

Student Study Hall with Jacquie Esser, candidate for Honolulu Prosecutor 

A town hall-style Q&A session moderated by college students Madison Sweaney and Lauren Carson. Watch and get to know Jacquie and why she's running for Honolulu prosecutor election. Plus, learn about her policies!

As Honolulu Prosecutor I Will Protect Crime Victims by Protecting the Legal Process

A conversation with Hawaiʻi Innocence Project Co-Director Ken Lawson about how Jacquie Esser as Honolulu Prosecutor will protect victims by protecting the legal process. Vote Esser, our Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate

As Honolulu Prosecutor I Will Stop the Cycle of Crime by Treating Substance Use Addiction

A conversation with Jeff Nash, the Executive Director of Habilitat as we discuss stopping the cycle of crime by treating addiction disorders. Jacquie is a Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate in this years 2020 election on Oahu. Honolulu prosecutor election.

As a Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate, I will see Every Arrest as an Opportunity for Intervention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation and Stop Using Our Jails as the only Solution to Our Problems. 

A conversation with Bob Merce, author of the legislative prison reform task force report. Eye opening interview with our Honolulu Prosecutor Candidate


Jacquie is a wife, a mother, and a Public Defender. She is the only candidate who has spent their entire career challenging the inequities of our criminal justice system.


Vote for Jacquie on August 8, 2020 for Honolulu Prosecutor!... Oahu's top choice for Honolulu Prosecutor's Office. Jacquie is a Honolulu prosecutor candidate for this year's 2020 Honolulu prosecutor election.


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